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common areas



Utopia Studios has a spacious lounge area with full bar, snacks, games, lots of swings and other comfy seating in the Main Hall, at 3957 Park Ave. There is also an adjoining outdoor courtyard for use by tenants of both buildings. In addition, the other 5 floors all have their own common seating areas and restrooms. Some floors have their own kitchenettes, vending and gaming areas too. There are 5 stairwells, several custom murals made by tenants, conveyors, crane hoists, old sliding metal fire doors and other remnants of the building's industrial past that we find interesting, beautiful and sometimes creepy in a good way. You may discover the perfect little nook that you want to film in! As long as you are booked into a room, you can film in the common spaces of the floor you are booked on, or you can rent some of the common areas themselves for a shoot.  Or just enjoy them during your rehearsal breaks or meetings.

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