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This facility currently has approx 60 private rooms, leased as creative spaces to bands, solo musicians, instructors, djs, photographers, painters, jewelry makers, producers, theatre groups, prop makers, dancers, podcasters, luthiers and other artists. Room sizes vary greatly, so please inquire for current vacancies and rates at the time you are ready to move forward. Sometimes you can get in a space right away, and other times you must go on a wait list.


Solo studios for 1-2 people range between $150-$300 per month.

Rooms for 3-4 piece bands rent for $300-$350 per month, for approx 18'x9'.


Standard Studios are generally comfortable for up to a 7 piece band, and rent for $375-450 per month (approx 18'x18' but 16'x14' and up is the range). Factors such as whether it has windows and accessibility (whether ground level, freight elevator or stair access), affect the rate.


Large studios run anywhere from $450-$750 per month, and vary from 500 to 800sq ft each space. A typical large room size is 650sq, approx 34'x18' for $650 per month.


XL Rooms are anywhere from 1,000-5,300 sq ft each and run $1000-$3000 per month.


A security deposit equal to one month rent, will hold a space. So to move into a $300 per month room, bring $600 to cover deposit plus first month rent. This deposit is refundable after the following conditions are met:

At least 1 year in the space, at least 30 days advance notice prior to vacating, and return of all keys both given and copied (full set for each band mate). 

We also offer prepay discounts for up to 15% off the total lease price.

Rent includes utilities--ac/heat, and shared wifi--in most spaces. Rooms with windows generally have a hotel style heat/ac unit with thermostat you control. Interior rooms without windows have central ac/heat. Many of our rooms have natural daylight, exposed brick and timbers, and original hardwood floors. Some rooms are completely light-controlled. Most have 8' LED panel light fixtures. Most of our studios are fully built out spaces suitable for band practice, with at least 12 grounded outlets on their own 20 amp circuit. A limited number of studios have 220 outlets, sinks, and concrete floors, so let us know your needs when you inquire!

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