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Dance Studios



Sound System to plug phone into

Hardwood floors, Marley dance floor sections

Ballet Barre

3 Acoustic Pianos

Separate Waiting Room/Lounge areas


5 Mirrored Rooms Available for Dance Classes, Workshops, Band Rehearsals, Theatre, Auditions, Livestreams, and Photo/Film Shoots:

Studio 5

650 sq ft, 2 mirrored walls, PA system, ballet barre, hardwood floor.


2300 sq ft, 18' mirrors, PA system, painted hardwood floor, grafitti art, oversized tables, wall of windows, garage door for easy loading.

The Conservatory

2,600 sq ft. mirrored wall, PA system, ballet barre, hardwood floor, baby grand piano, drum room, 2 waiting room areas, changing area. 


1,000 sq ft.  Mirrored wall, PA system, marley dance floor section, waiting room area, extra large props/set entrance.


1,800 sq ft. 2 Mirrored walls, PA system, hardwood floor, piano, waiting room area.



3,000sq ft Soundstage (not mirrored) is also available for final dress rehearsals when a stage (16'x16') is desired for blocking and pre-show prep.  It is also suitable for workshops that do not require mirrors or hardwood floor, and for filming. Please note you will need to bring or rent a bluetooth speaker if needed, PA does not come with this room.


Studio 5, F-1

$24 per hour paid day of session, or $20 per hour paid in advance.

This size room recommended for dance classes up to 12 people


Conservatory, 3E, Succorah, Necropolis

$36 per hour paid day of session, or $30 per hour paid in advance; covers groups up to 20 people.

Add $1 per head over 20.

Book and pay at least 24 hours in advance for discount rates.





Includes unlimited access to all mirrored spaces between 1-11pm daily, for 30 days.  Use for ongoing weekly classes and troupe rehearsals.  


$200 Same as above but for one person only. 

If bringing guests, the hourly rate must be paid, or the the guests can get their own Solo Memberships, or you can collectively upgrade to a Group Membership.

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