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Studio 0: 26'x18'x14'
Studio 5: 34'x18'x14
Studio F-1: 50'x18'x14'

Vocal PA, 2 15" full range
speakers, yamaha mixer,
2 mics, 2 stands provided, 

Acoustically treated, comfortably furnished

Hardwood floor, exposed joist and timbers.
Tile and Marley Floor in F1

Double wall with air pocket
between studios in 0 and 5, heat/ac with individually controlled thermostat. No ducts, to minimize sound bleed.

2 Mirrored walls, ballet barre, acoustic piano


There are three studios in this size range. 

Studio 0 is 525 sq ft, and comfortable for up to a 10 piece band rehearsal.  It doubles as the live room for our recording studio. In addition to a vocal PA, Studio 0 comes equipped with an acoustic piano and an abundance of sound treatments.  It also has a very accessible location at the front of the building, yet remains isolated from other studios.  The room also has natural daylight from a large south-facing window overlooking the parking lot.

Studio 5 is 650 sq ft, and is one of five mirrored dance studios onsite.  In addition to hosting band rehearsals, Studio 5 is set up for dance classes, troupe rehearsals and fitness instruction with a recommended limit of 12 students (XL studios available for class sizes up to 45).  Both rooms are good options for casting calls, auditions, and smaller photo/video shoots.

Studio 5 is equipped with 2 mirrored walls and a ballet barre.  The original hardwood floors were recently refinished.

Studio F-1 is an eclectic 1,000sq ft space approx 50'x18'x14'. It features 15' of mirrors, a JBL sound system with aux cable, and section of marley dance floor for dance rehearsals. For photogs, there is a mix of looks--bright white walls with a curvy fainting couch, curved sheet metal wall, chain link sections, exposed brick wall, and an industrial conveyor as a background vignette. The space features an oversized entrance gate for large props, ground level entrance with easy dock loading options, backdrop with frame, 3 8' windows for natural light, adjoining waiting and changing area. .

Nine private studios also exist in this size range and rent for $450-900 per month.



$24 per hour paid day of session, or

$20 per hour paid in advance.

Reservations strongly recommended.

Walk ins welcome arriving between 1-8pm daily, space permitting. Studios book up fast so try to plan ahead when possible!


$350 Group/Band Membership.

Unlimited access between 1-11pm daily to 8 studios of Standard or Large Size.

$200 Solo membership covers access to these 3 rooms plus an additional 9 studios.




This approximate size leases for $550-$900 down and same per month, with 1-year lease.  9 private rooms available in this size range.

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