Studio 0: 26'x18'x14'
Studio 5: 34'x18'x14
Studio 4S: 30'x18'x14'

Vocal PA, 2 15" full range
speakers, yamaha mixer,
2 mics, 2 stands provided, 

Acoustically treated, comfortably furnished

Hardwood floor, exposed joist and timbers

Double wall with air pocket
between studios in 0 and 5, heat/ac with individually controlled thermostat. No ducts, to minimize sound bleed.

2 Mirrored walls, ballet barre, acoustic piano


There are three studios in this size range. 

Studio 0 is 525 sq ft, and comfortable for up to a 10 piece band rehearsal.  It doubles as the live room for our recording studio. In addition to a vocal PA, Studio 0 comes equipped with an acoustic piano and an abundance of sound treatments.  It also has a very accessible location at the front of the building, yet remains isolated from other studios.  The room also has natural daylight from a large south-facing window overlooking the parking lot.

Studio 5 is 650 sq ft, and is one of five mirrored dance studios onsite.  In addition to hosting band rehearsals, Studio 5 is set up for dance classes, troupe rehearsals and fitness instruction with a recommended limit of 12 students (XL studios available for class sizes up to 45).  Both rooms are good options for casting calls, auditions, and smaller photo/video shoots.

Studio 5 is equipped with 2 mirrored walls and a ballet barre.  The original hardwood floors were recently refinished.

Studio 4S is 625 Sq ft, and is completely light controlled, so a good option for video shoots which want no outside light to block. It has original 120 year old hardwood floors, a sound system and 18' of mirrors. This room is located on our 4th floor, so it's a better option for groups who can meet and go up at once as opposed to those who tend to trail in at different times.

Nine private studios also exist in this size range and rent for $450-750 per month.



$20 per hour.

Reservations strongly recommended.

Walk ins welcome arriving between 6-8pm daily, space permitting. Studios 0 and 5 book up fast so try to plan ahead when possible!


$300 Group/Band Membership.

Unlimited access between 1-11pm daily to 8 studios of Standard or Large Size.

$200 Solo membership covers access to these 3 rooms plus an additional 9 studios.




This approximate size leases for $550-$750 down and same per month, with 1-year lease.  9 private rooms available in this size range.

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