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Start a membership on any day of the month and your Band, Troupe, Collective or other Group is covered for the next 30 days.

If you have a set practice schedule, give it to us and we'll guarantee all your time slots in advance.  No set schedule? That's OK! You can also book time as you go along.

If you have a preferred room that you like best, let us know and we'll try to keep you booked in there as much as possible.

When you are not rehearsing, you can store your gear here in one of our secure lock ups.  No charge as long as your group membership is valid and lockups are available.  


$250 covers your group in Standard Studios 1-4 and 6 (5 total).

$350 covers Large Rooms Studio 0, Studio 5, and F-1

(8 total).

$450 covers Extra Large Studios such as The Conservatory, 3E, Necropolis, and Succorah as well (12 rooms total).

Access 1-11pm daily.

The DANCE Membership is a specific membership for instructors and dance troupes.  Access 5 mirrored rooms.  Keep a recurring, weekly schedule of classes and rehearsals, or book as you go along, or a combination of both.  $450 per month.

PHOTOG Membership is a specific membership for photographers and videographers.  Access ALL 12 studios, including XL spaces for photogs, plus a plethora of common areas, as much as you like between 1-11pm daily.  With this membership you can set up group shoots, bring a different client each visit, plus guests and muas are also covered. $450 per month

Allows a SOLOIST unlimited access for 30 days, between 1-11pm daily.  

Storage for your gear is $50 per month paid in advance, or $5 per night in arrears.



$125 covers Standard Studios 1-4 and 6 (or $175 with Storage).

$200 covers access to all 5 Dance Studios.

Please note that the solo membership only covers yourself.  Any guests going in the room with you, need to either pay hourly rates for the time used or get their own membership.  You can also collectively upgrade to a group membership with a new guest or guests.


Booking Policies for Memberships

Book as much time as you want, on a first-reserved basis. You are encouraged to book regularly recurring weekly timeslots, and also to book last minute or as-you-go, as much as you want.


But, be aware that you are expected to actually use all the time you reserve. If a pattern of no-shows and/or last-minute cancellations develops, we will take you off the recurring reservation schedule and have you book day of, to ensure that space is available to groups who will use it. Usually this happens after the 3rd time.

A booking is considered a no-show 20 minutes past the start time without a phone call. So please call the studio to let us know if you are running late or cannot make it!

We take room preferences into consideration, but in general we will guarantee A room, not WHICH room--except for one in your membership type. One reason for this is because we like to space bands out for better sound isolation, when possible. So we may put you in Studio 1 instead of 2 so that you have no one directly next to you, for example. Also if we know in advance that you are self-recording, we will take extra care to place louder bands further away. Another reason is that we endeavor to accommodate as many requests as possible.  In any given night, there may be x cancellations and x last minute bookings, which can change the order of room placement.

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