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The lounge

In the main hall common area, you will find our front desk, which is staffed about 60 hours per week with access to our rental crib, bar, lounge, and a convenience area for purchasing anything from batteries to strings, to get you through your session. The lounge is spaciouswith comfortable seating for about 30 people--including a relaxing hammock, swings, bar stools, couches and bean bag chairs. The lounge has games to play, records for sale, tons of music memorabilia, a projector, a full bar, an adjoining outdoor courtyard with lots more seating, and our own Dub Cage (a vinyl-only dj booth used with Utopia Sound System, a Jamaican-style 4-way sound system built by the proprietor for spinning Reggae, Dubstep and Jungle).

The lounge is available for all customers to enjoy before, during and after sessions. You can use it as a space to meet clients and potential bandmates, and as a waiting area during auditions and casting calls. It is also available to rent for film shoots and small gatherings like movie nights and private parties. The Dub Cage itself is not for rent.

The bar is open any time the studio is in use, serving a large variety of non-alcoholic as well as boozy drinks, beer, and also snacks. Catering for film crews is available on request. Please do not bring your own beverages into the facility, just as you would not bring drinks into any other bar.

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