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Lockups are available to store your gear between rehearsals. These are locking metal sheds, dimensions 5'x4'x6', located in a dedicated ground level warehouse off the main hall studios.
$50 per month paid in advance,
or $5 per night in arrears, or short term for when less than a month is needed. 

A storage lockup is available at no charge with a valid Group Membership, for as long as the membership is active and supplies last. If the membership expires, you will need to get your stuff and turn in your lock to avoid $5 per night storage fees. If you remove your gear, you need to turn in the lock so that we know the lockup is empty and available--a locked empty lockup looks just like a full one, so you will continue to be charged until you have turned in the lock or let us know you no longer need it.

Overnight Storage with your gear left set up in a locked hourly room, is also possible for $10 per night, when you are coming back to rehearse the next day and space is available.

Gear left unpaid for 90 days is considered abandoned and will be removed to make space for other groups who need storage.

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