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Studio Zero Recording


PRO TOOLS current or recent version.

16 UAD2 input channels expandable to 32 via lightpipe (MOTU).

Plug ins:

UAD2 UNISON preamps and channel strips:

 API Vision; Neve 1084 preamp and eq; Manley VOXBOX; Avalon VT-737 tube pre; Century Tube; SSL 4000 E collection; Helios Type 69


UAD2 UNISON virtual Amplifiers: 

 Fender 55 tweed Deluxe, Marshall Plexi Classic; Friedman BE100 (brown eye) / and DS40 (dirty Shirley); Diezel VH4 hi gain; ENGL E765 Retro Tube; Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass; Ampeg SVTVR Bass


UAD2 EQs, Compressors and effects: 

 EL8 Distressor; Manley Variable MU comp; Manley Massive Passive EQ; SSL 4000 series bundle; SSL 4000 G Bus comp collection; LA2A; Chandler Ltd. Curve Bender mastering EQ; Chandler Ltd. Zener Limiter; Fairchild Limiter; Precision Mix Rack collection; Precision Enhancer HZ; 1176 LN/SE; Pultec Pro; Raw; Eventide H910 Harmonizer; Ocean Way Studios Room Reverb; Capitol Chambers; Galaxy Tape Echo; Pure Plate Reverb; RealVerb-Pro; Antares Auto Tune


UAD2 Tape emulators:

 Studer A800 multichannel Tape recorder; Oxide Tape recorder; Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder


Slate (everything bundle): VMR, Mastering suite, Kiloheartz collection, 

Slate trigger 2, VerbSuite Classics, Repeater, 


iZotope: Ozone, Neutron, Nectar, Vocal Synth, RX


Celemony: Melodyne 5


Fab Filter: Pro-Q2, Pro-Q3, Pro-MB, Pro-G


Other: Schoeps Omni Channel, Eventide Split EQ

MIDI Controllers: KORG M50, AKAI MPD218, Numark MIXTRACK PROII

Studio Zero (0) is Utopia Studios' commercial recording and mixing suite. Our space features a comfortable Live Room with Isolation Booth, and also a well-equipped Control Room. In addition, we have a spacious lounge with wifi, games, full bar and snacks, plus an outdoor courtyard for your comfort while recording.

The Live Room
This large, 26' x 18' studio has a 14' ceiling, hardwood floors, adjustable acoustics, and dimmable lighting for your needs.  There is natural daylight from one large south-facing window.  The space comes with an upright acoustic piano and vocal PA.

The Control Room
This section measures 18' x 10' x 14' and is equipped with the latest Pro Tools workstation and plug-ins. Plus, Sonar, and an array of instruments, amps and mics available to make your next album shine.


Load-in is ground level with plenty of off-street parking. 

Our Engineer is dedicated to capturing your desired sound beyond expectation. Tazu Marshall has been recording and playing in live bands for over a decade, and welcomes all genres of live instrumentation.  





OKTAVA MK-012 X3, MK-219 (modded)

MXL V-67

Rode ,NT1a, M5 pair

Neumann KM-184 pair

AKG P-170 pair, D112 x2

SHURE Beta-52a, Beta-56a, sm57 x2, sm58 x2, sm7b, bg6.1 x2

Bullet gm-178 Harmonica mic

Audix i5

Sennheiser e604 x3, e906

AT2020 x2, AT2050

Peavey PVM 520TN

Hand Made ribbon mic pair

Sub kick (‘build your own’ style)


TAMA Superstar 7-piece kit,

Acoustic Upright Piano




Tracking, Mixing, Mastering: $50 per hour

Disounts: Private Room holders get a 20% discount ($40 per hour).

Booking Policies:  We do not offer same day recording services--all sessions must be booked at least 24 hours ahead with a 50% deposit paid.  Remainder of session fee can be settled on completion.  The engineers are not scheduled until a deposit is received.

Cancellations: Reschedule anytime with 24+ hours notice.  Same day cancellations will forfeit deposit. We do not offer refunds, but we do offer credit for another date of service as long as notice is given at least a day ahead.


Over the years our house engineer, Tazu, has worked with many artists, bands and clients. Here are some of them in no particular order: 


Vigilettes // DINO FIGHT! // Structure Fire // The People’s Key // Ptah Williams // Tit for Tat // Ben Vee Bedlamite Bed and Breakfast // Büttercüp // Pat Sajak Assassins // Andor // Accelerando // The R6 Implant // The MERCS // The Tennis Lesson // Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship! // Arnicia Wallace and the Charlies // Kelly Judge // No Man’s Law // Lindbergh Babies // One Less Cheerleader // The Saw is Family // Dr. Delia // El Perro // Proletariat Punch // Nature Reserve // Aaron Levy // Coffin Fit // Sorry Scout // Whiskey & Thunder // Concentrator // Complainer // The Peoples Key // Moon Rocket // John Ellison & The Company She Keeps // Smurf // Bad Cover Band Sam // Even Then // CoopDaTrille // Fuck Lungs // Menea Kefalov // Flourish Mob // Airplane Gang // Same Difference // D.Dare Bionic // Dragon Falcon // St.Villagers // Stoker // YOWIE! // Pat Sajak Assassins // The Tennis Lesson // Bach to the Future // El Gordo’s Revenge // Rabies // Celery // Helium Tapes // CaveofswordS // Freedonia Records // Cattle Prod. Records // Let Sleepers Lie // No Man’s Law // Hirudin // Slumbersonics // WWXK// A New State // Greg Mills, Fred Tompkins // Maurice Carnes // Ben Vee Bedlamite Bed and Breakfast // The Polite Apocalypse // Milkface // YOU PEOPL // Squircle the Destroyer // Corrigan Brothers // Büttercüp // Traveling Sound Machine // 18AC // CaveofswordS // Stoker (live) // Maurice Carnes // U City Jazz Festival // Chesterfield Jazz Festival // Hermann Jazz Festival // Webster Jazz Festival // The Perihelion Quartet // 


LoFi Cherokee: 

2014 Sheila Shahpari // The Yowl // The Hooten Hallers // Cree Rider Family Band // Syna So Pro

2015 Grace Basement // Adria Nicole // Last to show 1st to Go // 18&C // Illphonics // Maness Brothers

2016 eyes out hrr // Letter to Memphis // Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear // Suzie Cue // Hylidae // Tortuga

2017 Vigilettes // Mt. Thelonious // Auset Music Project // Hands and Feet // Conformists // Eric Dontè

2018 Golden Curls // Broke Poets // Roland Johnson // Hollow Ends // Boomtown United // Büttercüp

2019 Red-Headed Strangers // Opera Bell Band // Soufside Jerei // Seashine // Sister Wizard // Tonina


Darkroom Series (Kranzberg) Sounds Of Saint Louis V1: 

Tonina // Mo E // Jesse Gannon // Ben Reese // Owen Ragland // Bob Deboo // Anita Jackson // Kasimu Taylor // Tracer //


…STL Ocarina // Dave Black & Joe Mancuso // Autumn Hill Records // the MUNY // COCA // Ptah Williams // SIUE Choir & Orchestra // Menea Kefalov // Andrea Rohlehr // Todd Mosby // Kenny Jaworski // Mr. Low Key // Jay Oliver, Bill Lenihan // Pokey live on NPR // Five Kilted Cats // Colin Healy and the cast of The Gringo, Madam, and Forgottonia // Eric Marienthal // Jazz Talk // The Sheen // John Patitucci // Brennan Styles // Six Flags // Carolbeth True, and Two Times True // Johnny Holzum // STL Banjo Club // Audri // Sedonia Red // Ryan Marquez // Soul Cafe // Dave Weckl // Thank You Jesus // Beneath Black // Last Line // Dwell // Future Modern // Zantigo

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