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We offer two types of monthly options -- Memberships and Private Studios.  


The Benefits of a Membership:

  • Very affordable. One set price covers 30 days unlimited access for one Group or one Soloist.

  • No deposit required

  • No term commitment--starts whatever date you do, runs 30 days. Can be renewed or not anytime.

  • Access a variety (5, 8 or 12) acoustically-treated, air-conditioned, comfortably furnished and equipped studios 

  • Vocal PA, mic and stand provided.  Larger rooms come with additional gear.

  • Available immediately, no waiting list.

  • Easy, Flexible booking options--keep a set recurring weekly practice schedule, or book as you go.

  • Can book by phone, in person, email, or FB dm.

  • Flexible options to suit as your needs change.

  • Free or Low Cost storage for your gear.

  • Rental crib of instruments/amps available (added fee).

  • Choice of several membership types.

  • Can be used short term or long term.

Membership limitations are: 

  • Access between 1-11pm daily.

  • Gear can be stored onsite between sessions in a lockup but not left set up 24/7 all the time.

  • When you are not rehearsing, the rooms are used by other groups and your gear is either in storage or taken with you.

  • Book in advance to reserve your preferred timeslots and room.


Benefits of a Private Studio:

  • 24/7 keyed access, use the space anytime day or night.

  • No need to schedule a room.

  • Set up your own gear and leave it set up.  The room is used only by you and your group.

  • Personalize your room by painting and furnishing as you like.

  • Discounted audio services (20% off recording).

  • Discounted use of additional studios for video shoots/auditions, etc (20% off).

  • Wide Range of room sizes available.

Some Considerations of a Private Studio:

  • Security Deposit required equal to one month rent

  • Lease commitment is 1-year (unless arrangements are made).

  • Leased space is unequipped.

  • Minimum 30 days notice, completion of term, complete key set return needed for deposit refund.

  • Often a waiting list to get a room.

  • You are responsible for cleaning your own room and emptying your trash in dumpster.

  • You still have to follow the policies of the rest of the facility--ex: no renting/loaning/subleasing your studio to friends, unless they sign a lease.

  • Must observe the rules of our onsite liquor license.

  • Absolutely no smoking or sleeping overnight in studio.

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