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private studios


Private Studios are empty studio spaces that rent with a deposit and typically 1-year lease (although short term is often available for a slight upcharge of monthly rent). Unlike our furnished and PA-equipped hourly and membership studios, private studios are spaces where you leave your own gear set up, and come and go as you please with 24/7 access. These spaces are accessed only by you and your group.


This facility offers 60 private studios. They range in size from small solo spaces of 100 sq ft, to 4,000 sq ft each, and every size imaginable in between. Rental rates range between $150-$2,000 per month, depending on size. Most commonly, a soloist or small group will spend up to $350 per month on a space. A 4-5 piece band will generally spend between $300-450 per month on a space.  Large studios commonly rent for $450-$750 and are suitable for 10-12 piece bands, 2 groups sharing, or photography/videography. Most rooms include ac and shared wifi in the rent.


Raw warehouse spaces also come available occasionally, which offer more square footage for a lower rate, but may not be suitable for bands, or have ac, or wifi, as a tradeoff for the cheaper rate. Warehouse space can be fenced and gated in sizes to suit your needs. We can also custom build  finished studios on request!


Call 314.773.3660 or email, to learn what spaces are available when you are ready to lease. Often you will need to go on a waitlist, but sometimes you can move right in immediately.  We have studiosfor band rehearsals, photography/videography, self-recording, painting, jewelry-making, dance, theatre and many other creative uses. Please note that we cap how many recording studios can operate on each floor, to keep foot traffic light. 

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