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Rental Gear

Photo Gear:

10'x20' Cloth or Custom Backdrop  10

Portable Frame and 1 backdrop  10

Paper Backdrop 5

Color Light Film  5

Tripod, Stand  5

Reflector  5

Construction Light 5

Pro photo Light, small 10

Pro photo Light, continuous w softbox, stand 35

Softbox 10-35

Chroma Key Wall FREE w room rental

Stage FREE w room rental

Backdrop and frame FREE w XL room rental

Acoustic Piano FREE w room rental

Mirrors FREE w room rental 

Church Pews FREE w room rental

Graffiti Walls FREE w room rental


Music Gear:


Cable or Adaptor  1 

Mic and Cable  2

Mic Stand 1

Music Stand 1

Combo Amp (bass, guitar, keys) 10

Half Stack (bass, guitar) 20

Drum Kit (full, with hi hat and crash/ride) 30

Partial Kit (kick drum, floor tom, throne only) 10 

Snare w Stand 10

Cymbal w Stand 10

Hardware Stand only 5

Pedal 5, Double Pedal 10

Misc individual percussion item 5

Guitar or Bass 10

Keyboard with Amp 15

Acoustic Piano FREE with Room (3 Available)

Electric Organ FREE with Room

All rental rates are per Session, not per Hour.  So you can be in the room for 2 hours or 8 hours and the cost is the same per item rented.

Multi-day rentals pay per day used.

All Rentals are for Onsite Use Only.

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