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Standard StudioS


18'x18'x14' ceiling

Vocal PA with
15" Full Range Speakers,
Yamaha mixer, 1 mic, cable and mic stand provided in each studio

Acoustically-treated, comfortably furnished


Standard sized rooms are approx 325 sq ft and comfortable for up to a 7 piece band rehearsal. 


They are used by Bands, Solo Musicians, Artists, Actors, DJs, Producers, Photographers, Videographers, Instructors and for other small groups.

There are 5 studios this size available to choose from for hourly and membership use, Studios 1-4 and Studio 6.  

Another 40 studios this approximate size are leased, unequipped, as private studios with 24/7 access.

Double wall with air pocket between each studio, individual heat/ac
with thermostat you can control in each space. No ductwork to minimize sound bleed between rooms.



$18 per hour paid day of session, or

$15 per hour paid in advance.

Appointments recommended, but 

Walk ins welcome 1pm-8pm daily, space permitting.


$250 Group Membership.

Unlimited access between 1-11pm daily. Includes 1 Storage Lockup, if desired, space permitting.


$125Unlimited access between 1-11pm daily.

Please note that the solo membership only covers the soloist. When bringing guests, they must pay hourly rate for the session, get their own solo membership, you may collectively upgrade to a Group membership. 

Add $50 for storage, if desired.



This approximate size leases for $350-$550 down and same per month, with 1-year lease.

Hardwood floor, exposed joist and timbers

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